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Crowdfunding has started

Dear Morlanians,

we are about to start the production of a new album. In order to ease the financial burden a little bit, we have started a crowdfunding project where you can pre-order the upcoming album or choose other wonderful rewards if you help us with some financial support. Check out the website and support us! We are thankful for everyone who is interested!

Just visit the following link:

Current plans

Dear earthlings in front of the screens of this world,

as mankind is currently at home a lot and might have time to read, we would like to let you in on our current plans and upcoming activities.

As you surely know from other bands, many concert dates have been cancelled or postponed. This has also affected us. So here are the new dates, which are 100% confirmed, for the hopefully upcoming post-Corona era:

19.09.2020 - Lion Rock - Mulhouse, Open Air Festival, DE
30.10.2020 - Metal United Female Voice Fest (with Visionatica and Enemy Inside) - Regensburg, Airport Obertraubling, DE
30.01.2021 - Symphonic Night 2 (with Visionatica) - Würzburg, b-hof, DE

Since only three concerts will not satisfy our strings, there are still some gigs planned for the end of 2020, whose dates we will announce when everything is 100% confirmed.

But the concerts are only one part of our future. Many of you are already waiting for our third album and we are also eager to finally bring our latest music material to you. This plan has now finally taken shape. Both the musical framework as well as the lyrics and themes are ready. That means, we want to professionally record everything for you in the near future. In order to be able to realize this according to our vision, we will start a crowdfunding project in a few weeks, where you can support us financially and in return you will receive wonderful rewards. Despite the numerous concerts we' ve played recently, a complete self-financing (meeting our expectations) is unfortunately still far from our possibilities. Hopefully many of you will participate! Soon there will be more detailed information about the crowdfunding project for our new album.

Stay steadfast, optimistic and healthy! See you around!

Your Morlans

Concert cancellation

Unfortunately the concert on March 14th in Regensburg has to be cancelled due to measures against the corona virus. It will probably be made up for in October. We will keep you up to date!

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